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The path

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The path is considered the first book of its kind, as for the first time an award-winning professor thinks of turning a wildly popular course on ancient Chinese philosophers into a book. Professor Michael Puett's in collaboration with journalist and author Christine Gross-Loh aimed from this book to make this timeless wisdom accessible to everyone for the very first time. The course shows how these ancient ideas can offer a profound guide to living well. It explains how Chinese philosophy can offer a positive way to think about ourselves and the world around us, it also explores new ways of thinking that provide fresh direction for our decisions and actions. 

The authors believe that the philosophy included in the book can challenge our modern western assumptions in ways that could have an impact on our everyday decisions. Each chapter highlights ideas for modern life from the perspective of a particular Chinese philosopher. So it sheds light on the usefulness of social ritual of Confucius; Mencius and the impossibility of making plans; Zhuangzi on “trained spontaneity”; Xunzi on preferring artifice to nature; Laozi on soft power, and so forth. This variation in the way of thinking will challenge your preconceptions, and open your mind to a new way to think about everything. 

unlike most books on the subject, the most profound idea is that there is no certain path to follow in the first place, it’s just a journey we go through at every moment by seeing and doing things differently. Success comes from our choice, not our natural abilities. Good life is created when we train ourselves to respond well to small moments, not from planning it out. These teachings aim at helping humans improve themselves and their society, they open oneself to possibilities he/she never imagined were even possible. Whether this book will affect your life or not, will depend on how you see the world.